Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chinu Fish's first blog

Hello people. My name is Chinu Fish and today's my first day at new school.

I am a very nice, blue-colored goldfish and my nature is also good, better than other fish. Blue is my favorite color and dogs are my favorite pets. Presently I have two friends called Puppy Manohar and Baby Vaijayanti. They are nice like me and I live with them....

Okay will talk in details...let me pretend to be busy for some time.

"Some people hear the noise of bubbles bursting out of a fish's mouth" -- Chinu-fish


Pri said...

hi chinu meenu,

my name is disco. my mommy feeds me only on days when there's nothing fun to watch on tv, which is only saturday. i have died many times this past month as a result of this but mommy aways makes sure i am reborn. she says it increases her blog stats.

wat it be this blog stats?

anyway this is a roundabout way of saying wanna make fraindsheep???

Chinu-fish said...

Hi Disco,

Even though I like Rock & Metal, I am okay w/ Disco.

Fish like fraendsheep, they are more loyal than dogs. It's just that they are emotion-less and dumb.

I am wondering how could someone i your position solve ur hunger problem...


Pri said...

yay!!! disco be happy.

chinu meenu wat you be do for new year partee? disco be playing in bowl by self. mommy say no partee for disco because disco no goodluck charm for India. they lose badly. she very very upset.

Chinu-fish said...

Dear Disco-dandiya :)

I read about Indian team's loss in Australia. I think the batsmen let the team down -- Rahul Dravid seems to be having a "Moan Vrath" with runs and refuses to score runs. Don't why the team messed up the batting order, which was the main reason of debacle--Dravid is a 1-down/2-down player, not an opener. I think the batsmen have very defensive attitude & poor body language.

That being said, I think Kumble is a good leader.